≈ Deep Breath ≈

“I went Today to listen Swansong, and It inspired me…”

≈ Deep Breath ≈

[ Click here for a larger photo ]

≈ Skin ≈ *League*
≈ Hair ≈ BishWear (I have to check this again, hair didnt have shop name and creator of this have BishWear in his pic)
≈ Hair Stuff ≈ (fashionably dead) (Kill The White Swan)
≈ Head jewel ≈ Zaara : Nizam Jhoomar
≈ Gown ≈ Zaara : Vayu for Swansong
≈ Shoes ≈ Shiny Things ballet flats

≈ Wings ≈ [glow] Studio Wings flexi – GIFT- they will be in a gift bag tomorrow I think… if you want to grab them.

Pose by [glow] Studio


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