My Not So Bad place

Little piece of my virtual world. I hope you will enjoy it. Items used at my house are mainly from two shops I absolutely love, NotsoBAd and {theosophy} and I think they work so well together with this exotic style. Credits for all items are at the end of the post.


Furniture upstairs: .:NsB:. Sofa FARAH, .:NsB:. Lantern FATHIA, *BR Snuggle Rug, .:NsB:. PILLOW BOOK (FREE WELCOME GIFT), .:NsB:. Armchair AMAL, {theosophy} Raikes Shoe Rack (by Trace Osterham), .: NsB :. NOTsoBAD Record Box, nordari – lamp.flowergreen (by Jordan Giant), .:NsB:. Sexbed IBITSSAM, {theosophy} Berwick Console, {theosophy} Rog Jeleni, {theosophy} Denham Chair, (FT) Rug, .:NsB:. Arabian RUG Beige, .:NsB:. Round Candle FINON, nordari – – room divider (by Jordan Giant), {theosophy} Berwick Console, {theosophy} Babci Mug, {theosophy} Holcombe Tub, {theosophy} Body Lotion, .:NsB:. Vase HENRI, Painting on the wall is not on sale in SL.

Furniture downstairs: .:NsB:. Curtain CAMILLE Large, .:NsB:. Chaise lounge SEFANA, .:NsB:. Rug AMAL, Sway’s Beaded Curtain, .:NsB:. HENRI Vase brown with plant, .:NsB:. NARGUILE SALAH, .:NsB:. Coffee Table AMAL, .:NsB:. NORA Vase, {theosophy} Milton Cannister EB Coffee, Tea, Sugar.


3 thoughts on “My Not So Bad place

  1. Love what you did with this place. Can you tell me where you got the great beaded curtain? Thanks, Sienna.

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